Project Description



Project Brief

Robotic Shotcrete was a project that consisted in the robotization of the heavy duty robotic machine (SIKA-Putzmeister PM-407)  for the automation of the shotcrete process for tunneling. The shotcrete is a process where concrete is sprayed on the surfaces of a recently advanced section of a tunnel to add support to its surface. The a LADAR scanner was implemented to measure make a 3D image of the tunnel and with that image, it was possible to define an optimized shotcrete trajectory. Additionally the system was able to measure the properties of the concrete to optimize the trajectory properties of the robot.

This development was made under the European project Tunconstruct where the most important tunneling industry from Europe developed technologies to introduce technological improvements to underground construction practices.

2007 – 2009

Project Execution

Robotization 98%
Control system design 96%
Implementation 96%
Mehcanical design 90%


Real Shotcrete Trajectory

Remote Augmented Reality Control