Project Description



Project Brief

PYROCHAR is a project made to provide small municipalities and their waste water treatment plants (WWTPs) with an economically and environmentally sound solution for the treatment and disposal of their sewage sludge.

Different technologies have been integrated to develop an energy efficient and affordable process to convert the municipal sewage sludge into useful biochar (charcoal from pyrolysis treatment) and synthetic gas (syngas) which is convert to electricity via a gas engine. The system dries the dewatered sludge and then uses pyrolysis technology to convert it into char and gas by-products.

This product will provide the small municipalities with a sound solution that can solve their always increasing waste water treatment demand, complying with the new EU directives and adapted to their needs.

2013 – 2015

Project Execution

Project Mamangement 96%
Integrated Control system design 96%
Implementation 33%


Final Installation Plant

Basic Process Scheme

Pyrochar Video