Project Description



Project Brief

CARBGROWTH project aims to maximize European greenhouse horticulture production, optimizing water resources by using low quality water from wells and aquaculture for irrigation purposes, decreasing the use of fertilizers, making the most of the carbon dioxide while ensuring that the final products commit with European quality standards. The complete system comprises the integration of fish aquaculture with the greenhouse process.

The waste of the fishes is used to produce nutrients to irrigate the plants and, using a solar water photo-reactor, to produce CO2 to inject it inside the greenhouse and improve the growth of the crops while producing oxygen. The solar water photo-catalytic reactor was also used to clean the low quality water and add extra solar based heating energy. A solar gas catalytic photo-reactor was also implemented to clean the exhaust gases from the heating system converting them also into useful CO2.

I like this kind of projects that shows that all the resources can be reused to produce useful sources while increasing production.

2013 – 2014

Project Execution

Project Management 96%
Technical Management 96%
Implementation 33%


Solar Water Photo-catalyst Reactor

Carbgrowth Process Scheme