My most recent venture is the creation of Brieffin Consulting, a family owned company primarily focused on offering online branding awareness services  for B2B industrial companies.  Being social media branding our core service, we also design and develop websites as part of our overall branding strategy, alongside other digital media services to integrate and develop online advertisement and promotional campaigns, as well as organizational marketing solutions for the industry.

As Managing Partner I’m in charge of:

  • Operational and executive decision
  • Business model Analysis
  • Joint ventures analysis
  • New product development

From the early stages of my experience, I’ve worked in the development of new and advanced solutions for industrial companies. I’ve been involved in more than 20 advanced projects, taking active participation in every development stage and process, from technical execution to management, as well as sales and consulting processes.

The complete new product development cycle includes:

  • Identification, and development of advanced solutions for industrial companies in cooperation with the sales department
  • Engineering consultancy and Project planning
  • Project management
  • Technical development
  • Economical assessment for engineering solutions

During my 15+ years of experience I’ve worked finding solutions for more than 20 companies, and with more than 30 partners such as universities, technology centers and suppliers from the industrial market.

I’ve always been encouraged by research and know-how.  After I completed my Engineering Degree, I enrolled in an R&D Masters degree program offered by the Center for Automation and Robotics (CAR), where I joined a team of experienced professionals in robotics research, and later on I was granted a PhD scholarship.

This extraordinary experience  gave me the opportunity to start developing my technical skills and learn how to implement the most advanced automatic control systems and robotics solutions for industrial applications.

Following the completion of my Masters & PhD, I started working at AITEMIN, and  lately at INSPIRALIA, as a Project Manager, finding innovative solutions for industrial companies in search of new product developments to increase their competitive advantage.

My experience in R&D has given me the basis to:

  • Apply my expertise and technical skills, adapted to diverse industrial areas
  • Open new areas of research for the companies that I’ve worked for to expand their competitive advantage
  • Work with high uncertainty levels, ready to take chances and apply advanced solutions leveraging controlled risks
  • Collaborate with team members from different areas of expertise to develop the best solutions and reach common goals
  • Propose disruptive ideas
  • And be self taught to increase my knowledge in different fields

In addition, I have published more than 20 papers for international scientific journals, seminars and conferences worldwide.